Nuclear Fact Book

Nuclear Fact Booklet

The CNWC works closely with the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA).Two of our member unions, Power Workers Union & Society of Energy Professionals are members of the Association’s Board of Directors.The CNWC provides input into the fact book. Please view or if you prefer download a copy at:htt ...
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. . .In its simplest terms, radiation is energy from atoms, travelling through space as waves or particles.It occurs throughout nature. Science has allowed humanity to understand radiation and to use it safely inhospitals, industries, and even in our homes. It is also used to generate electricity. . ...
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The CANDU Nuclear Power System

. . .Simply put, a nuclear reactor is a device, which produces heat. In a nuclear power station, the reactor performs the same work as a boiler in a coal, gas or oil-fired station. Heat is required to turn water into steam. This steam spins large turbines, which in turn drive the generators that pro ...
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. . .Canada has played a pioneering role in the mining of uranium and development of nuclear energy technology.Canada’s Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB), created in 1946, was one of the first nuclear regulatory agencies in the world. The AECB was established under the Atomic Energy Control Act, ...
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. . . In addition, Canada’s economy has derived substantial benefits including the creation of thousands of high-skill, high paying jobs, the generation of billions of dollars in export and tax revenues, and resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in high tech focused research and development ...
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No Canadian nuclear worker or member of the public has been harmed by radiation from a nuclear power plant -- ever. This impressive track record is because Canada’s nuclear industry is among the most highly regulated and safety-conscious in the world.A “safety in depth” philosophy applies to a ...
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. . .In the 25-30 years nuclear energy has been producing electricity throughout the world, it has had an overwhelmingly beneficial effect on our environment. . .Click here to download the Nuclear Energy and the Environment Nuclear Fact Sheet in PDF format ...
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Canadian Nuclear Workers’ Council (CNWC)

The voice of organized labour in the nuclear industries