Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Pickering Nuclear Generating Station


About This Organization

Located on the shores of Lake Ontario just east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and nestled in the community of Pickering, is one of the world’s largest nuclear generating facilities, the Pickering Nuclear Station.


Today, Pickering Nuclear has 6 operating Candu (Canadian Deuterium Uranium) reactors. Units 2 and 3 remain in safe shut down state. Together the station has a total output of 3,100 megawatts (MW), enough to serve a city of one and a half million people.

OPG is planning for the continued operation of the Pickering Nuclear station until 2020.


Pickering workers are members of :

The Power Workers’ Union (PWU)


The Society of Energy Professionals (SEP)


Provincial Building & Construction Trades Council of Ontario


For more information on these unions visit: www.pwu.ca & www.thesociety.ca



The Canadian nuclear Workers Council representatives at the site are:

SEP - Mathew Kellway



PWU - Keith Falconer



Provincial Building & Construction Trades Council of Ontario : Patrick Dillon




View a video of how this Nuclear Power Station operates:


Workers in this video are members of the Power Workers Union & the Union of Energy Professionals