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…As we have stated in previous submissions to the Commission, the CNWC holds health and safety of workers to be paramount. We believe that a safe work environment which results in a very good safety culture creates a workplace that is operated in a very safe manner. As you will be made aware the on [...]

…OPG has a long history of placing worker safety very high on their agenda. They work very closely with the onsite Union (PWU) on health and safety issues. The involvement of the Union is very important. If there were any safety issues affecting workers the on site union will ensure that they are addressed.
The public [...]

…We believe that OPG has safely and responsibly managed high level nuclear waste at the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station for about 20 years. During which time…

…The CNWC consist of a council of Unions that represents workers in the Canadian Nuclear Industry. The Unions that represent the workers in these two facilities are members of the CNWC. The purpose and membership of the CNWC is provided in Appendix 1.
As the Canadian Nuclear Workers’ Council has stated in previous submissions to the [...]

… Representatives of Zircatec and the USW Local 14163 have kept the CNWC members updated on developments in regards to the Slightly Enriched Uranium Candu Fuel Production Proposal at our annual convention for the past few years. Our last convention was held in September 2007.
As do all of the member organizations of the CNWC, USWA [...]

…Many of the station staff live nearby with their families, this demonstrates their confidence in the safety of the facility.
You are aware that OPG management and the PWU have established a strong working relationship. The CNWC fully endorses and supports the very active health and safety culture promoted and established by the PWU and OPG. [...]

…The United Steel Workers (USW) is a Union that takes the Health and Safety of its members very seriously. The USW has spearheaded many Health and Safety campaigns on behalf of their members over the years. This fact hopefully will assure the Commission and the Public that if there were or are in the future [...]

…The purpose and membership of the two Councils are provided in Appendix 1 along with a list of our member Unions.
Two of our mutual members represent the workers at the plants. The Power Workers Union (PWU) represents operations and maintenance staff at the generating stations and The Society of Energy Professionals (SEP) represents the [...]

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